25x'25 At Work in the States

25x'25 is a grassroots-led and supported renewable energy initiative. Across the country, farmers, ranchers, forest land owners and other leaders in the community are coming together in state-level alliances to explore how the 25x'25 vision can help accomplish state energy, environmental and rural development goals. One successful model is Colorado, where the agricultural, environmental and labor communities found common ground in the push for renewable energy.

Several states already have initiatives under way that reinforce the goals of 25x'25, further affirming that the time is right to make development of renewable energy from America's working lands a national priority. To view a list of state endorsements, click here.

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Although these alliances will be structured and focused around each individual state's unique needs and issues, all will be working to:
  • build public support of 25x'25,
  • create state-level champions of 25x'25, and
  • obtain endorsements from policy makers, including state legislators, governors and mayors.

For inquiries regarding State 25x'25 activities, please contact:

             Brent Bailey (bbailey@25x25.org)
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